The online poker room was unveiled in April 2020 when they opened their doors to the public for soft launch.

Offering online Bitcoin poker games, the site is 100% browser-based- using the latest html5 web-technologies to provide a seamless poker-experience akin to that found in a conventional downloadable poker app that needs to be installed on your PC. takes away all of the hassles of using a downloadable client – there are no hefty software updates to download, and the poker room does not (and cannot) log your keystrokes and other active applications like some other sites (which claim it is a “security measure”).

The site is playable on mobile and tablet via an app, and on a desktop PC via any web-browser.

Players have the ability to switch on a pop-out “pro-mode” which enables you to comfortably multi-table in the same way you would do with an app, without having to worry about things like switching browser tabs to switch between tables.

bitcoin poker rakeback at

About the brand, and the future

We think that well be a serious force in the game of poker because of the power of their brand name, their amazing domain name (which attracts the “poker-curious” as well as beginners to the world of poker, and to the tables (much to the relish of good players (known as ‘Sharks’). The availability of almost any screen-name on the site is also bound to make a lot of players happy! Rakeback / VIP rewards

If you’re looking to really get rewarded for time spent grinding on the tables, is the Editor’s Pick. Our deal gives you up to 50% Rakeback at An Unbeatable deal.

How does rake work at

Remember that Poker rooms have overheads – they have to pay for servers, developers, marketing, support and make a profit! So they take a small piece of the pie from each cash-game pot where a flop is seen by at least 2 players, and also in fees on tournament entries and rebuys/addons.

Let’s take a look at the rake and rake caps which affect how much ‘juice’ or ‘rake’ or ‘vig’ the house takes. Rake and Rakeback explained for rake calculations

Small Blind Big Blind Rake % 2 Player Cap 3-4 Player Cap 5+ Player Cap
0.01 0.02 5.0% 0.1 0.02 0.25
0.02 0.04 5.0% 0.12 0.25 0.3
0.04 0.08 5.0% 0.15 0.3 0.35
0.1 0.2 5.0% 0.15 0.32 0.38
0.25 0.5 5.0% 0.15 0.35 0.4
0.5 1 4.5% 0.15 0.4 0.55
0.7 1.4 4.5% 0.15 0.4 0.6
1.5 3 4.5% 0.2 0.45 0.7
2 4 4% 0.3 0.55 0.8

The room is definitely player-focused– not being greedy with how much they take in juice – especially when compared with other bitcoin poker sites which take things a little too far (we think) when comparing the rake taken by FIAT (Bank/Government backed) currency based poker sites like PartyPoker and PokerStars.

Poker traffic & Game Selection at

poker games lobby at
There is no shortage of micro and mid-stakes action during peak US hours, ranging from around $0.10/$0.20 equivalent to $1/$2. European timezone traffic is growing as the word gets out on the poker wire that the brand has launched this new poker site.

Rakeback has the best reward programs in the industry, and they make it very simple to understand.
For every $1 equivalent a player contributes in rake, they award one point. Your points earned dictates your rakeback amount. Grinders raking ~$2,000 per month get 50% rakeback.


Points Rakeback
50 15%
100 20%
200 25%
600 30%
1000 40%
1500 45%
2000 50%

Bitcoin poker for USA Poker players

USA poker players are always happy to have new site options, considering the current very limited offering of Bitcoin poker sites for Americans to play on.

Some of the existing cryptocurrency based poker sites have been plagued with technical troubles and allegations of bots (computer players). It is important for players to know the games are fair, and the players are legitimate players.

The site “does not accept US based IP addresses”, so if you can play from an IP address from Canada or “outside the USA” you will be able to play on the site and enjoy the “fishy” customers the site tends to attract.

Are Poker tools & HUDs allowed at

The site is committed to keeping the game clean and fair for all, and forbids the use of HUDs and other assistive technology.

The Verdict

  • The site is player focused, secure, fast, offers good customer service, it’s a brand with impeccable reputation spanning 20+ years in the industry.
  • Rakeback is paid into your player account weekly. 10/10.

We are happy to be able offer you poker rakeback rewards at which grow the more you grind – all the way up to a whopping 50%. – Claim 50% Rakeback at

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