Everyone is talking about GG Poker, and the GG Poker Network, which appears to be the fastest growing poker network on the planet at present.

The network statistics are staggering:

  • Fifty white label poker-room operators (‘skins’) use the software for their businesses
  • Coverage in 150+ countries
  • 1 Million active users.

Unfortunately, the site does NOT currently accept USA poker-players, and if that changes we will keep you updated.

So while GG Poker might be new, it’s not going to vanish any time soon!

GG Poker Rakeback

If you’re looking for the best rakeback deal for GG Poker, or other skins on the same network, have a look at the fish-buffet rewards system which is built in to GG Poker, which rewards players the more they grind.

Fish Buffet is the name of GGPoker’s loyalty scheme, featuring a ladder system where you unlock greater rewards as you play your way up the levels.

  • You automatically join Fish Buffet when you create your GGPoker account using our link.
  • You get 1 Fish Buffet Point (FP) for every $0.01 you generate in rake through your play at the tables.
  • There’s 25 different levels along the food chain to unlock, from shrimp to shark and everything in between. Each level has varying FP and time limit requirements.


Status Level  Level Time Limit Prize Range
Plankton 500 24 hours $0.50 ~ $1.50
Shrimp 1000 24 hours $1 ~ $3
Goldfish Bronze 1500 24 hours $1.50 ~ $6
Silver 1500 72 hours
Gold 1500 72 hours
Crab Bronze 5000 72 hours $5 ~ $25
Silver 5000 72 hours
Gold 5000 72 hours
Octopus Bronze 15000 7 days $15 ~ $90
Silver 15000 7 days
Gold 15000 7 days
Platinum 15000 7 days
Diamond 15000 7 days
Whale Bronze 40000 15 days $40 ~ $320
Silver 40000 15 days
Gold 40000 15 days
Platinum 40000 15 days
Diamond 40000 15 days
Shark Bronze 100000 30 days $100 ~ $1000
Silver 100000 30 days
Gold 100000 30 days
Platinum 100000 30 days
Diamond 100000 30 days
Black 100000 30 days

How do I level up in Fish Buffet?

The starting level is Plankton for all players. Each level comes with a requirement to earn a certain amount of FP within a given time limit.

When you successfully hit the required amount of FP within the time limit, you unlock that level. You’ll get a chance at spinning the wheel, which boasts increasing rewards for each rank. Any remaining FP are credited towards the next level after completing your current requirement.

Check out the rewards per level below:

Spinning the wheel – how it works

  • Unlock a level to spin the wheel for a cash prize
  • You can initiate the wheel spin right away or open it later in ‘My Bonus
  • Rewards are credited into your account after the spin lands on a cash prize
  • Unopened wheel spins are automatically spun 90 days after initial unlock and the designated rewards credited into your account

What happens if I don’t complete a Fish Buffet level?

If the required FP is not met within the time limit, you are demoted to the previous level. Your accumulated FP expire and you receive 10% cashback of the expired FP amount.

How far will you move up the food chain?

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