Everything you need to know about poker, rake and rakeback, but were afraid to ask!

What is Rake?

Rake is the term given to the money taken by poker room from players as commission –  from each cash-game hand the player is involved in (which goes to a flop), and in fees for each multi-table tournament, sit-and-go, and satellite/qualifier tournament which the customer registers in.  Rake is generally ‘capped’ at less than 5% for cash-games (so the house might take $4 from a $100 cash-pot), whereas for tournaments and sit-and-go tournaments, the rake (or ‘fee’) is generally around 10% of the tournament buy-in – so the house (the poker room) would take $10 rake in a $100+10 tournament.

What is Rakeback?

Rakeback is a refund to the online-poker player of a percentage of the rake taken by a poker room over a given time period. With a good rakeback deal and a lot of volume (play-time & multi-tabling), poker players can attain 30%+ rakeback, and potentially more in conjunction with other bonuses and promotions. As a simple example, if you rake $1000 in one month, you will get $350 back with a 35% Rakeback deal.

How do I sign up for a rakeback deal?

It’s important to sign up through a dedicated poker rakeback website like poker-rakeback.com, as most poker websites and merchants don’t generally offer rakeback to customers by default.  Join any poker room using the links or banners featured on this site, and as long as you have used our tracking link, you will automatically get a rakeback enabled poker-account when you sign up at your chosen poker site.

Are there ‘under the table’ Rakeback deals that feature good value?

Some under the table deals out there, but be extremely wary : These deals often turn out to be scams. Because they are not official deals, the party who gives you such a deal does so on the basis of an informal mutual agreement, (meaning neither party carries any responsibility in a setup like this whatsoever, and the party offering the rakeback deal may back out at any time. Avoid!

Can I get rakeback on my existing account on ?

It is most likely that you cannot. It may be the case that the poker rooms in question will convert your existing account to a rakeback account under some circumstances (eg if you account has been inactive for a long time). Please get in touch, and we will try to negotiate this with the poker room on your behalf.

Is ‘Poker Cashback’ the same thing Poker Rakeback?

From the player’s viewpoint, yes. Some poker networks have banned rakeback, instead focusing on rewarding players with tiered VIP programs, and poker cashback based on reaching specific rake goals. Generally with such VIP schemes, the player gets paid in points which can be redeemed for cash or tournament tokens.

Can I create an account at the poker site and contact you later to get rakeback on the account?

This is not possible, as usually your existing account will be ‘tagged’ to another poker affiliate (whichever website you clicked a sign-up link on to initially join the poker room). To avoid getting an account with no rakeback for life, always create your account via a sign-up link on a dedicated poker-rakeback website.

What about iPoker Rakeback

IPoker does not currently permit flat rakeback deals – instead, skins on the network offer players bespoke VIP Programs.

How will I be paid the money I earn via a rakeback deal?

The Poker sites generally transfer the amount due into your poker account automatically, either weekly, or on the last day of the month.

What if I am already playing poker on a specific network or site – Can I still get a Rakeback account from you?

Yes you can. Simply work out which poker network your current poker room is on, and select another rakeback deal from another site (or ‘skin’) on the same network.

Can I sign up for more than one rakeback offer??

Yes, you can sign up at as many poker rooms as you like.

Why do sites like poker-rakeback.com offer rakeback?

Every time a poker site like this one sends a player to an online poker room, we either earn a small percentage of that players rake for the life of the account, or we get a small CPA payment of $50-$100. Everyone wins!

What are rakeback “deductions”?

Deductions are costs which are deducted from your rake by the poker room. e.g.if you generate $10,000 in rake one month but you also earn a $1000 bonus, your calculated rakeback amount would be [rakebackpercent] of $9000, not $1000. Even though your initial rakeback payment may be affected by this, it’s still worth clearing bonuses when they are offered. You’ll get all of the bonus cash, plus whatever rakeback is due to you.

Can I get a rakeback deal on a site on which I have an existing account?

Some poker sites will allow us to ‘re-tag’ you to Rakeback, or they will let you open a new account via a rakeback site. Contact us, and we will try to help.

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