In this article, you will get to know some of the best tools for analysing or improving your Pot Limit Omaha play.


The main use of ProPokertools to familiarise yourself with equities. The best way to know how to use it is to actually give it a try, so you might want to revisit this link after you finish reading. With support for many different poker variants, including No Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha Hi, and Hi-Lo amongst others, This tool is a crowd pleaser. It can be used to calculate Equity in All-In situations, compare hand ranges versus different types of hands, and is amongst the best ways to learn how to get a feel for how hands fair against other types of hands.

The graph functionality is very good at clearly showing how frequently we will flop a certain amount of equity. You could use this to, for example, find out how often KKxx will flop at least 50% equity vs AAxx, why wraps play so well against AAxx, or to analyse your play in historic hands. Below is a nice video guide provided by PPT explaining one of the possibilities you have with this powerful tool:

Odds Oracle

Odds Oracle is also available at and is their desktop product. It isn’t just a carbon copy of ProPokerTools though, and includes lots of features that you won’t find anywhere else, for example in the competing product “Flopzilla”[also][in][this][list]. Odds Oracle includes what I would describe as an answer engine, similar to how the Answer engine Wolfram Alpha works. You can create a “question” which Odds Oracle will answer for you. For example:

Step 1:
Describe the Situation (by telling it which game we are playing, and inputting hand ranges based on what we know about how we ourselves play, and how the other players in the hand play.

You can state what the flop is, and discount cards by stating they are dead.

You then choose a question to ask

Take a look at the “Question” posed . It will allow us to find out how many players have 4 cards to a flush on the flop, OR at least top two pair. This is the answer given by odds oracle based on the information it was given.on the flop OR at least top two pair. Once you are happy with the question, press Start and it will calculate the answer.

Once finished, you can copy and paste your results in HTML format, and other formats, straight to your clipboard to discuss your thoughts with other players:

The sheer power of this tool is not lost in it’s simplicity, and is a great way to make sense out of the game by assessing common situations which you will see time and time again on the (virtual) felt


according to the Flopzilla website, Flopzilla is ” aimed at learning users to develop insight in how certain ranges hit certain boards. It allows the user to input a range and a board and will then show in what way and how often that range hits the board. As of recently, turn and river functionality, as well as the necessary filters have been added. Flopzilla also offers equity calculations and combo breakdowns (toggle with TAB). The interface is designed to be quick, easy to use and intuïtive.”

It is commercial software, and is a standalone calculator, similar to propokertools.

Below is an example of the interface, which appears more user-friendly and colourful:

Leakbuster PLO

Leakbuster Pot limit Omaha edition is a strategy analysis tool which you can use to plug some of your PLO leaks. Leakbuster PLO is now integrated into Holdem Manager ( and requires it to function). It is currently only available in Holdem Manager 1, but is coming soon to Holdem Manager 2 ( It is currently in beta testing as of march 2012).

The benefit to it being integrated is, it has access to your Holdem Manager database. It can analyse your database and explain to you where you are losing money, eg what position, with what types of hands, and against what types of players. It also has integrated training videos provided by pokerzion, and also the Leakbuster team, to help you solidify your game further. To sweeten the deal, it is for a one off cost, and is not a subscription based service. This means it is a perfect solution for someone at low and micro stakes that want to become more profitable and move up, instead of having to fork out large sums of money for private coaching.

The small stakes edition is $49.99 as of the time of writing, which limits you to PLO50 and below, with the fully unlocked version at $79.99. You can however by the small stakes edition and upgrade at a future time with no penalty in the cost.

Omaha Manager 2

Omaha Manager is the guts of your Poker tool arsenal. No serious player should be without it. This handy little tool provides you with a HUD (Heads up display) which you can overlay on your tables to provide you with information about your opponents to get the biggest edge possible over your opponents. It supports multiple poker platforms, including Pokerstars, PartyPoker, ACR  and many many more. For more info on the supported poker rooms, I recommend checking their homepage for the most accurate information.

You can use Holdem manager 2 to review your sessions with an integrated hand history replayer, and integration with twitter and many hand history websites.

The Omaha Manager 2 Session tab

It also has graphing functionality so you can compare your play with previous sessions, or how your decisions have served you in the past, for example expected winnings versus actual winnings.

Omaha Manager 2 Graph functions


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