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What is a Poker Rakeback?

November 4, 2014
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Poker Rakeback

Hello again and welcome to the wonderful world of online poker, at Poker Rakeback! If you have any questions, head out to our fun and entertaining articles, and browse our archive-we are certain you will find whatever you need. This time, we will be discussing the term rakeback and its meaning in the poker world, so stay with us.

How rakeback works?

First of all, we will need to explain how online poker rakeback sites earn their revenue. Besides earning their money from the tables, they take five percent of the buy-in fees, which in poker terms is called a rake. A rake is a very profitable fee for many online poker rakeback rooms and sites. You’ve probably heard about bonuses that are offered to new members. A rakeback is another incentive for the online poker community and is a relatively new concept. Since poker players are the ones who already created the rake for the poker sites, they are offered some of their money back in form of a rakeback.

In most scenarios, the rakeback is about thirty percent of the site’s rake. Although, it may not seem like a large amount of money, if you continuously play online poker for a period of time it will turn out to be quite big. Professionals usually take them and can earn significant sums of money just from rakebacks. Even if you are not rolling in cash or especially skilful, you can still make profit out of a rakeback deal.

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